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Tengah EC is a new Executive Condominium project located at Tengah Garden Walk, which is considered to be the heart of Tengah Town. This new Executive Condominium project is located in one of the most popular and one of the most sought-after townships of Tengah. That being said, this township is packed with greenflies and smart features, which is exactly what makes it such a popular place.

As Singapore transitions into a green city, you can expect a lot of new green features and sustainable Eco-features to start popping up in the near future. Hopefully, these features will turn Tengah Town into one of the leading examples of a green township featuring a much smaller carbon footprint than the rest of the country. Tengah EC is expected to be one of the very first Executive Condominiums to gain any advantage from these new features. Also, Tengah Garden Walk EC is expected to be included in the unique Tengah Town transformation plan – in which a good mix of nature and technology will fill the mind of just about any affluent investor out there – since it is located in the vicinity of the Tengah MRT Station.

Tengah EC is located at Evergreen Forest Town, which also happens to be a part of a Tengah Town plan that includes a greater sense of relief in the green township. What this means is that the town is expected to have more green features, as well as more amenities that the younger occupants of this new town will appreciate since many of them will most likely be working from home. This will help create a sense of better community not only for Tengah EC but for its future residents as well.

Since Tengah Garden Walk EC is located at the heart of Tengah Town, you can rest assured that it has many different modes of green transport that help reduce the carbon footprint whenever and wherever possible. The future residents of Tengah EC will also get to enjoy many different cycling paths that help connect Tengah Garden Walk EC to all the other parts of Tengah Town. In order to promote Tengah Town as a car-lite environment (especially the town centre, which is just a short, few-minute walk away from Tengah Garden Walk EC), the plan is for Tengah Town to be just a short walk away from any nearby MRT stations. According to the plan, the roads will run beneath the town centre, effectively saving a lot of space on the surface for the purpose of creating more commercial, recreational, and green areas.

Thanks to the incredible location of Tengah EC, there will be a lot of different options when it comes to things like medical facilities and sports hubs – in which people will get to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle. Tengah Garden Walk EC will also be connected to all the other parts of Tengah Town by things like transport nodes and other facilities. As you can see, Tengah EC is expected to become one of the most advanced developments in Tengah Town thanks to the many smart features that it has to offer.

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